Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ivy Leaves and Pillows

I haven't worked on the manor since the middle-end of February, rather spending my time getting my big house in order.  Spring fever has hit, although the temperatures still leave a lot to be desired.  I'm trying to organize, paint and spring clean before warm weather hits so I can spend my time outside.  I plan on spending a lot of it outside this year soaking up some much needed Vitamin D from the sun.  I also have a few projects planned that I'm looking forward to.

The manor is never far off my mind and I did spend some time shopping for the perfect chandelier for the conservatory.  Yes, I decided it needed to have a chandelier and I found just the one from JGetzan MiniaturesIt's the Rosette Chandelier in gold. Their stuff is so gorgeous it's really hard to decide, but in the end I opted for this ivy leaved chandelier.  I think it will tie in beautifully with the feel I want for the room, which is made cozy with lots of plants.

I also ordered more pillows from Mondina Dollhouse on Etsy.  I can't get enough of her exquisite designs.

For the Parlor
For the Breakfast Room
For the Little Girl's Room
I have tomorrow set aside for working on the manor so I hope I'll have more for you soon.  Have a beautiful Friday!