Monday, January 11, 2021

The Family and Staff of Pennethorne Manor

Today was photo day at the manor.  As the family and staff gathered at the front of the manor, I set up my cameras and scouted the best views.  Unfortunately, my camera skills are somewhat off . . . but I blame it on my old camera.

I hope you enjoy visiting with the inhabitants of Pennethorne Manor . . .

On the left:  Lord and Lady Pennethorne and Rosemary
On the right:  Reginauld, Edalene and Alyssa

The Pennethorne Family

The staff of Pennethorne Manor

The Pennethorne Family gathered in front of the gazebo.

The staff gathered in front of the main entrance to the manor.

We hope you enjoyed your visit and that the picnic lunch was to your satisfaction.  Please come again soon!

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  1. Preciosas la familia Pennethorne todos ellos son encantadores.


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