Monday, September 28, 2020

Around the Manor

I've been working on little projects here and there throughout the manor adding all those little bits that make a room come to life.  Let's start in the Breakfast Room . . .

I took out the cakes and desserts from the table and put in a proper English breakfast . . .

There is also a plate of croissants and a jar of jam, but unfortunately they wouldn't fit on the table.  Perhaps another day when toast isn't being served.  The breakfast was made by Linda of Little Dreamscapes on Etsy.

Next up is the kitchen.  I added a pantry cupboard, copper pots hanging on a board, a butter churn, pears in a wooden crate, and some preserves in jars.  The copper pots were made by JGetzan Miniatures.  All the other items were purchased from various shops on Etsy.  If you really want to know where an item was purchased from, leave me a comment.

In the scullery I've added bowls, a ceramic hen in a nest, a pitcher and a wicker basket.  It's coming along although there is still more to be done in this room.

In the servant's hall I moved in an antique hall tree.

And finally, Rosemary's room is finished . . .

Notice the lamp on the nightstand.  It was made by Ray Storey Lighting.

I loved the new wallpaper so much I decided to cover the panels on Rosemary's armoir!

Other than the new wine cabinet in the wine cellar, I think that's pretty much it for new things.  My goal now is to finish the exterior of the basements and finish the brick foundation on the manor.  Then it will be time to decorate for Christmas!

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