Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let There be Light

The light fixtures for the manor arrived yesterday.  Most of them came, but some of them are on backorder.  Sigh . . .  I hate it when that happens.  At least we'll still be able to move forward with the lighting.  My friend, Tracy, is coming next weekend to help me out.  I'm attempting round wire and Tracy is an expert having built many, many houses.

I ordered my supplies from Oakridge Hobbies.  They had the best selection and best prices.

Front entry light . . .

There are two sets of French doors on the exterior.  One at the front and one at the breakfast room.  I'll also need to order another exterior light for the door that will lead to the deck from the bedroom (it sits on top of the breakfast room).

These are the ceiling lights for the wine cellar, butler's pantry, sewing room, bathroom, second floor hall, bedroom, Reg's room, third floor hall, study, and attic.

There will be four sconces on either side of bureaus in the two upper halls.

Two sets of these lights for the kitchen.

Lights for the breakfast room.

Over the next week I'll be installing the ceiling paper.  I bought anaglypta paper with a textured pattern.  I see most people flip their houses over to paper the ceilings, so I might give that a try.  Although I feel kind of woozy just thinking about it!

I'm hoping to finish the chimney today and will post about that later today or tomorrow depending how far along I get.


  1. Sending good electrical mojo your way....I am enjoying you build!

  2. How exciting! Not long now and you'll see the Beacon Hill all lit up and beautiful! Plus, you'll have a new skill to take with you on the next projects!

    1. Thank you Jodi! I imagine my power bill is going to go way up! LOL!


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